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TEMAT: Throughout the years the NFL has seen dozens

Throughout the years the NFL has seen dozens 3 lata 6 miesiąc temu #32855

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Not everyone is lucky enough to have elite or star quarterbacks throughout their career like Jerry Rice did. His career receiving records may never be touched (although Larry Fitz took control of some playoff receiving records) because another star receiver might not have the opportunity Mr. Rice had throughout his NFL Career.Our list is comprised of the top receivers who were stuck with bad quarterbacks so a lot of talent has made the list. When comparing stats with Jerry Rice http://www.seahawkscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-marquise-blair-jersey , it seems apparent that a few of these receivers would have had the chance (and still might) to get close to the all-time records for receiving even though they had some of the worst quarterbacks in history. Just like a quarterback's projected numbers can drop with sub-par receivers, as great as a receiver may be, he still needs someone to get him the ball.With that said, let's dive in and find out who poor quarterback play has impacted over the years in the NFL. It's worth debating in certain circles if Drew Brees has had a better career than D.K. Metcalf Jersey , say, Joe Montana. The stats favor Brees by a pretty wide margin, but some fans are suckers for Super Bowl rings, and Montana has more of those (4:1). By that logic http://www.seahawkscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-cody-barton-jersey , though, does that mean Trent Dilfer was superior to Dan Marino? Uh-oh, no way, nope. Championships therefore don't account for everything and in further defense of Drew Gary Jennings Jr. Jersey , he never had a Hall of Fame wideout like Jerry Rice to catch his passes. Heck, he didn't even have many John Taylor-level guys in his arsenal. It's safe to say that #9 is a genuine overachiever, as few quarterbacks have done more with less.As for those players of lesser talent who helped to emphasize the overachieving ways of this undersized QB, that long list of receivers that never reminded anyone of Jerry Rice http://www.seahawkscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-phil-haynes-jersey , “worst” is a harsh word to use. But the game of football is harsher (Plus, "Serviceable” and "Middling" just don’t have the same pop). Respect goes out to Joe Horn and Marques “Respect the Longevity” Colston for being alpha dogs and earning 90+ ratings in Madden games. Now let’s cover the other guys in this countdown of Drew’s receivers who were sometimes notable for making fans say, “Wow...that’s some quarterback.”
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