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TEMAT: Kaepernick was an established starter in the leagu

Kaepernick was an established starter in the leagu 4 lata 8 miesiąc temu #32827

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Whether you support what Colin Kaepernick has done off the field http://www.jaguarsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-quincy-williams-ii-jersey , or on the sidelines of a field, there is without a doubt quarterbacks that are on NFL rosters that he could easily replace. Before he was forced to have offseason surgery before the 2016 season, that with a good defence and some playmakers that he could lead a team deep into the playoffs. When he did finally play last year, after Blaine Gabbert proved he shouldn't be in the league, Kaepernick proved to be a viable starter Ryquell Armstead Jersey , throwing for 16 touchdowns compared to 4 interceptions for the 49ers who were an absolute debacle a year ago. With that being said, we all know Kaepernick is not in the league right now, despite many showings from terrible starting quarterbacks this season. This list will be highlighting those players who have started an NFL game that have played horribly this season, teams that may have a better record if Kaepernick was starting for them, as well as backups who were put in a position to start due to injury. The last part is crucially important because as we saw last year with Derek Carr breaking his leg http://www.jaguarsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-gardner-minshew-ii-jersey , a team’s playoff success could hinge on the skill of a backup quarterback. NFL fans have a great sense of history. There are Pittsburgh Steeler devotees who were not yet born in 1972 who nonetheless can recite every detail of the “Immaculate Reception” as if they had personally witnessed it. And there’s probably no greater milestone in the history of a professional football franchise than the moment in which one of its players crossed the goal line to score six points for the very first time in team history.But how many modern day fans can tell you the name of the player who performed that feat for their favorite team? Mention of names like “Hinkey" Haines, “Dutch" Sternaman and Tony Teresa will likely draw you only blank stares from Giant, Bear and Raider fans today.We’re going to take a quick look at the 32 men who hold the distinction of officially scoring the first TDs in the history of each current NFL franchise.Before we begin, there is one preliminary name which deserves recognition. The Rock Island Independents no longer exist, but on September 26 Christian Wilkins Jersey , 1920, it was wide receiver Eddie Novak who opened the scoring for them in a 48-0 win over the St. Paul Ideals, the first-ever touchdown in what is now known as the National Football League.So it's now time for a history lesson. Here are the 32 players that scored each NFL team's first ever touchdown.
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